A new generation is growing up in the midst of war and poverty in Syria. Children are witness to unimaginable horrors. Some have had their homes destroyed, others have lost family members.

The trauma among children has resulted in visible behavioural changes. Children are experiencing nightmares, difficulty in sleeping, bedwetting and a reluctance to go to school.

In Afrin, Bihar has worked in Robar camp to improve the psycho-social and physical well-being of children. Roubar is a tent camp with limited access to WASH facilities and no education. The families in Roubar arrived with few or no possessions and due to the poor financial condition of the camp, children have few toys or clothes.

The Bihar project aimed to improve the well-being of children through medical check-ups, camp activities, distribution of non-food items and psychosocial sessions.

Intergrated Child Protection in Camps: Bihar Report

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