Health Program

With doctors as founding members, Bihar has always focused on the delivery of medical services to people in need.


1Since opening our Diabetes Clinic in February 2014, more than 509 patients have registered. The clinic treats chronic diabetes cases and all patients receive continual treatment.

The amount of medication provided per visit depends on the patient’s ability to keep the drugs at an appropriate temperature, or their access to refrigeration. In the first six months of operation, 26,600 gliclazide tablets, 40,000 metformine tablets and 1200 insulin flasks, containing 1,000 units of mixed insulin, were provided to beneficiaries.


LEISHMANIA CONTROL CENTER Leishmania Clinic, Afrin city

In December 2013, Bihar opened a
Leishmania treatment clinic in Afrin city. Having identified the illness as one of the major health concerns in the region, the center provides free treatment to leishmaniasis patients. Leishmaniasis is a parasitic disease spread by the bite of infected sand flies. Bihar opened two clinics to follow-up with patients in both Raju and Jenderes, Syria. More than 1,000 patients have been identified and given treatment, half of whom were children.

As leishmaniasis treatment can last for more than a year, and the illness often has a debilitating effect, Bihar is conducting a feasibility study to provide complementary psychosocial support, especially for children.


Bihar is also working to prevent future cases of Leishmaniasis. Bihar sprayed the exterior of houses in Syria with insecticide and also targeted areas such as garbage dumps that attract flies that spread the disease. Bihar assisted an estimated 40,000 families in Afrin, Rajo, Jenderes and other villages through this campaign.

Bihar has also sprayed the interior of homes in Afrin city and 309 villages. Trained workers sprayed insecticide in more than 65,000 houses.

IMG_0043POLIO CAMPAIGN Afrin region

Bihar has acted as the coordinating body for the Polio Control Task Force oral vaccination campaign in the seven sub-districts of Afrin.

To date, Bihar has completed 11 rounds of house-to-house vaccinations, with full coverage in Afrin. Each round lasts for seven days, and documentation of each day’s vaccination activities are published on Bihar’s Facebook page.

Bihar has so far administered 38,345 vaccines to under 5s in the seven sub-districts of Afrin.


Bihar’s Tuberculosis Center

6Bihar opened a tuberculosis center in Afrin city with the hope that every case in the area could be cured. As a communicable disease, tuberculosis carries a risk to the whole community.

Family Health Clinic

Bihar is set to open a Family Health Clinic to raise awareness of family planning among women. Bihar highlights the importance of natural birth to women who attend the clinic and aims to fill the gap in services available to local communities.

Free Kidney Dialysis

Bihar offers free kidney dialysis at its hospital in Afrin city, Aleppo. So far, 29 people have received free consultations and kidney dialysis through our integrated services.

Bihar Hospital Afrin city4

Due to the war in Syria, Afrin is suffering from severe lack of health and medical supplies. Bihar saw the need for a hospital and worked to make it a reality, first renovating the building, rearranging rooms, bringing medical equipment and finally developing staff.

Dr. Niazi Habash, chairman of Bihar’s board, said the hospital was created in response to people’s needs. Plagues in the area were spreading and war traumas were increasing.

“Since the same area has been in an absence  of civil work for the last few decades, making this type of initiative is very new for the local community so we will be facing many challenges,” he said.


“Bihar supports charity programmes within the hospital in particular the specialized sections and with the cooperation of a German organisation, we could provide kidney dialysis devices”.

Dr. Habash said the unit is about to be ready for completely free services. Patients offered free treatment include those injured as a result of war. Discounted services, such as X-rays, are also available. “We support other hospitals to enhance the medical service in Afrin,” Dr. Habash said. “We are not at competition. We are talking about people’s lives being at risk.”

Bihar hospital provides services for the treatment of cutaneous and visceral leishmaniasis, diabetes, tuberculosis and polio.