For many Syrians, camp settlements have become places of last resort. For example, many fleeing shelling in Shaikh Maqsoud, Aleppo city, in 2013 found themselves forced to settle in Kafr Jenne camp in Afrin. More recently, Robar camp has become host some 250 people in the region.توزيع اندومي (15)

Bihar has responded in both camps, as well as Igde, Bab al-Noor, Shuhada, Bab al-Imam, Sejjo in the Azaaz region. In addition to providing essential material support such as food and blankets, we believe that it is vitally important – from a protection perspective – to maintain access to vulnerable camp-based populations.


After the displacement crisis in autumn 2014, Bihar also supported people from Kobani living  in camps on the Turkish side of the border. Further details on our Kobani response work can be found here.